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“Jon has done a great job with the team and I can only speak for (my son), but, he is improving every day.  I really appreciate you guys and I am so glad (my son) has a team to climb with and thanks again for Jon, he is doing a great job.

Just wanted to let you know that (my wife) and I appreciate the fact that we have a great gym in Tucson.”


“I just wanted to write this note of appreciation because (my daughter) has improved a lot, is learning a lot, and is REALLY enjoying the team.  Thanks for your hard work and effort.”


“...A family get together in May prompted our plans and since we  are going so far we like to go for as long as we can.  It was a tough decision because (our son) has gotten so much out of climbing with the team.  I attribute it to a change in his attitude toward school.  He has gained more self confidence and pride in his hard work.  He looks forward to trying out for the team next August.  Thanks to you and Garland for your dedication to teaching these kids.”


“...The team pretty much made my year and you did an awesome job. Now I get to shock friends and family back in IL with my muscles of steel. :)


And see you next year.”


“I first want to tell you how completely impressed we are with your leadership of the climbing team.  We think you are fantastic and we are so grateful that (our daughter) is a part of your team.  This experience has been so good for her.“


“Dear Jon - Many thanks for making Sat. such a wonderful day for the kids. (our daughter) had such a marvelous time and came home proud and excited. This class has been all I hope for her so far - physically strengthening and mentally empowering! You do a lovely job with them.”


“I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for being an amazing coach and role model to the kids on the climbing team.  I was so impressed with the kids and how positive they were even when struggling with a problem. ... our kids never gave up and showed pride in the hard work and effort they gave, even if they didn't complete the problem.  I also love the team camaraderie, kids were supportive to not only kids on our team, but others as well. 



“Jon, I want to thank you very much for a great climbing season.  (our child) learned so much and really enjoyed it.  I know at the beginning she wasn't as focused as she could be, but it seemed like that improved.  Although it may appear that she wasn't taking it seriously due to her playing around, she felt the importance of working hard and being a member of a team. You did an excellent job working to keep (our child) focused, inspiring, and motivating her, and catering to her( and other team members) needs and abilities.  Not only did (our child) improve with her climbing skills, but she came away more confident, more mature, understanding how to work  more effectively as a team member, stronger mentally and physically, meeting new people who she cares about and who are kind to her, and finding her niche.  She feels she has something that is her own now.  She is no longer in everyone's shadow! Of course Lauren was awesome too.  She spent a lot of time with (our child) and I think they had fun together.  She worked very hard  and please tell her we say a big "thank you" also.She will be at try-outs in August and hopes to make the travel team for another year.

Well, thanks again Jon.  Have a great summer.”

various team parents

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