Make your way to Yosemite Valley, CA and you can't miss it, the most striking formation you've ever seen: El Capitan and its 3,000 feet of straight vertical rock. El Cap draws climbers from all over the world, especially to climb its most famous line The Nose, a 31 pitch, 3,593 foot route. The Nose is considered by some to be the best rock climb in the world. It is an incredible feat to climb The Nose, let alone do it in 24 hours. 

On April 11th, 2020, the Rocks and Ropes Youth Team will attempt to do just that, but translated to an indoor setting at Rocks and Ropes. This means climbing 103 routes that correspond to the same difficulties found on the actual climb of El Cap. The team will start at 8:00am and try to complete the climbs by midnight. When the lights go out at night, they will have to continue on by headlamp only! 

Sponsor an Athlete

By sponsoring a Youth Team Athlete, you are helping the Tucson Climbing Project Inc empower deserving and hard working youth in our commmunity through competitive rock climbing. Last year, TCP awarded $8,500 in team scholarships, which was only half the demand.  You can help us close this gap by donating to sponsor an athlete.

Register a Team --- NOT AVAILABLE YET

Register a team and choose to climb the Nose of El Cap or the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome. Both will be translated to an indoor setting at Rocks and Ropes. Donations and registrations are tax-deductible! The $40 registration fee includes dinner, prizes, and 16 hours of FUN!

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