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There are beacons of humanity in this world that leave a profound mark on those they encounter; be it from a trail of kindness, love, strength or inspiration that they leave behind them. Davin left all this in his wake as he lived his life.

Humility and selflessness permeated his personal drive. His partners in crime, who are many, know this. Their comfort zones would be pushed and memories would be made. The world has lost a beacon, but the trail you leave behind will continue to teach and inspire us how to live. We miss you. We love you.

Davin was a member of the Rocks and Ropes Youth Team for four years before aging out of the program.  He went on to pursue an amazing, albeit short, career of outdoor climbing adventures.  He tragically passed away in 2021.  Please donate to Davin Memorial Fund set up by Davin's family to provide scholarships to youth for outdoor climbing experiences.

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