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Priest Draw!

I've lost count of how many blog posts I've done for Priest Draw at this point so I apologize if I repeat myself. Every year I no doubt say something along the lines of, "amazing trip," "rich experience," etc. However, those words cannot be over appreciated because they continue to ring so true. The combination of being outside in a beautiful setting, fun climbing, sharing a campfire with teammates, and a raucous cookie bake-off challenge, culminates in an experience that leaves both kids and attending parents incredibly elated.

Saturday was a FULL day. I was impressed by the amount of climbing that all groups accomplished. Coaches Jessica, Cory and myself all lead different groups with specific focuses. By the end of the day we had all bounced around to multiple areas and everyone saw some measure of success. The volume of climbing, and the try hard given by everybody, was even more evident the next morning when I woke to the sounds of moans and groans from stiff and sore bodies. I'm a proud coach!

We got a few more hours of climbing in on Sunday before saying goodbye once again to one of our favorite areas. Until next year! Enjoy the photos below from Sarah P.

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