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CASA Youth Day

The Rocks and Ropes Youth Team once again partnered up with the Climber's Assoc. of Southern Arizona for their second annual Youth Stewardship Day on Mt. Lemmon. This is a full day of being outside and giving back to the Mountain we all love so much.

The Team's role in all this was to provide youth leaders that would lead a group of other youth on different areas of Mt. Lemmon, working either on trail clearing or trash pickup. CASA reached out to many youth organizations around the Tucson area, many of which brought large groups of kids who had never been on Mt. Lemmon before! To be able to provide that experience AND community service is such a cool thing.

The leaders from our Team organized their respective groups, gave them a safety briefing, then led on them mountain and facilitated the afternoon's work. Our kids had a blast and were honored to be a part this community day. We're stoked to continue our partnership with one of the Nation's most prolific Local Climbing Organizations. Enjoy some pictures below!

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