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2015/2016 Bouldering Season Wrap- Up

Team Rocks and Ropes' bouldering season has been a long and gratifying 6-month journey. Starting with pre-season conditioning back in August, these dedicated athletes worked arduously through drill after drill, up until our competition specific mental drills just weeks ago. Here's a recap of all we've accomplished:

- 5 competitions

- 32 Regional competitors

- 13 Divisional qualifications

- 3 National qualifications

- 19 podium finishes

- 3 Nationally ranked athletes

Let's not forget that TCP had a strong hand in making this happen. We were proudly able to provide 7 scholarships to athletes, making their participation in Champioship level events possible. None of our three National competitors would have been able to make it if it weren't for this!

I'm writing this post from wintry Madison, Wisconsin after finishing up an amazing Bouldering Nationals event. Tanner, Ruby and Eva all qualified for this event, and all three of them exhibited the best climbing I've seen from them this season. After coaching for 7 years I've seen the National competition get more and more intense every year. Despite the stiff competition these athletes held their own and CRUSHED!

Each age category had 50 competitors, and out of their respective categories, Tanner finished 11th, Ruby 13th and Eva 22nd. It's amazing enough to qualify for such an event, but to finish that high in the field is just amazing. I'm so proud!

It's only mid-way through the season and I'm riding so high on the success of the program thus far. We have a whole other round coming our way for the Sport season, lets see if we can beat these numbers!

Phote Cred: Deb Huie. Ruby controlling the finish on her 4th qualifier problem. This clinched her way to semis!

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