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T.C.P Board of Directors


This group of volunteers is comprised of Rocks and Ropes gym staff, coaches and Team Parents.  As a whole they are dedicated to providing as much support as they can to help the Rocks and Ropes Youth Team grow.

Jesse Schultz
President, Team Parent

I am honored to be the president of TCP because it provides me with the opportunity to serve the local climbing community in a way that is fulfilling to others as well as myself.  Climbing is my passion.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for the local climbing community, and the gym's commitment to that community and it's youth is critical.  I am excited for the future and look forward to serving the team and TCP.

Stephen Abagis
Vice-President, Team Parent



Coming soon!

Cory Carpenter
Treasurer, Team Parent
Claudia Perchinelli
Secretary, Team Parent

Coming soon!



Coming soon!

Kristina Bergdahl
Director, Coach

I have been Climbing for more than six years and actively teaching and coaching for the past four years. I am extremely passionate about my students; their goals are my goals.  Climbing teaches us more than I can put to words: we learn to respect and advocate for the natural world, to work hard, to dream big, to build and cherish the relationship we have with our partners and to savor every move and moment even when they are less than perfect. I am honoured to serve as a board member of The Tucson Climbing Project (TCP) and to continue the valuable work that TCP does on behalf of our youth climbers. The work we do at TCP is made possible by the support of our Climbing community.

Jacquie Curtis
Director, Team Parent

I have witnessed the growth within myself and my children that sport can facilitate.  In so many ways the youth climbing program has helped my young climber to build skills and confidence that may not have come without that experience.  I want every child to have the opportunity to learn and grow through the sport of climbing and that is why I have chosen to participate as director this year on the TCP board.

Diana LaFoley
Director, Team Parent

As a team parent, I have witnessed first hand the self-confidence, maturity and respect that climbing can bring to children of all ages. Climbing teaches us all to solve problems, overcome adversity and celebrate personal achievements together. I look forward to enhancing our ability to share those opportunities and life lessons with more children and families through the Tucson Climbing Project.

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