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... And We're Off!

The 2017/2018 Competition Bouldering Season is officially underway! A good portion of the Youth Team participated in the first Local Bouldering Comp sanctioned in our Region at Focus Climbing Centre in Tempe. It was a BLAST! Not only were the problems well set, challenging and fun, but the organization and general vibe were superb! A big 'hats off' to How Czerwinski and his staff for hosting a tremendous event.

This being our first of three locals, it wasn't required for our full roster to go. Only two local level comps are required by USA Climbing for eligibility to our Regional Championship further down the line. The athletes who attended went for an extra dose of experience - it's so valuable to climb in a different gym with different routesetting styles. I encourage that as much as possible as the more adept you are at adapting to climbs outside your comfort zone, the more competition edge you gain.

I was pleased to see our athletes performing well so early into the season. I feel like we have hit the ground running and it's only going to get better from here! Next up is our Local at the Bloc in just under two weeks. Enjoy to the photos courtesy of Sarah P.

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