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Nose in a Day, 2017

For some (including yours truly) it's the most challenging day of the year. 3600ft, 24hrs, lights out mayhem, hours of sleep counted on only a few fingers... It's all part of the game during our annual Nose in a Day fundraiser!

Kids pair up as teams of two and, starting at 8am, they have until midnight to complete all 3600+ feet of El Capitan's The Nose, translated of course to an indoor setting at Rocks and Ropes. That adds up to 103 individual routes of corresponding grades. It's by far the most climbing done in one day all season long, and it unsurprisingly leaves our young athletes a little destroyed by the end.

Somehow, once the lights go out at 8pm, everyone rallies for late-night shenanigans including, but not limited to, a headlamp-lit king swing, piñatas, tag, rope swings, and high lines. Can you imagine how much fun they have?

In order to participate, athletes must gather pledges to sponsor their climbing for the day. Because of our kid's dedication to their own program, we were able to raise over $5000 for the Tucson Climbing Project! I am continually blown away by the support we get during this event. I'm so proud! All that money will help provide team dues scholarships next season for individuals who cannot afford to be a part of the team program. How cool is that?!

Enjoy the pictures, courtesy of team photographer Sarah P.

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