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Jack's Canyon, 2017

I always love it when we can start out a season with an outdoor trip prior to competitions. It's a good way to remind yourself why you're training so hard, and why climbing is such a rich activity. A refreshing experience like our Jack's Canyon trip gives our athletes renewed positive energy and confidence, which will no doubt be an asset for the competitions coming our way so soon.

The gorgeous weekend, with a nearly constant cool breeze and flowing water in the Canyon, set the stage for 25 Rocks and Ropes athletes crushing the walls of pocketed limestone. I was blown away by everyone's motivation, so much climbing was accomplished! We spent a full 7 hours in the Canyon on Saturday, many kids finishing nearly 10 routes each. With sore bodies and fingers, we trekked back up to the campsite where we keenly anticipated gourmet Dutch Oven lasagna, a cozy fire and story time.

Despite the slow start on Sunday we managed to squeak in a half day of more amazing climbing, some athletes managing to eek out their hardest redpoints to date! Every year I am reminded of how important these outdoor trips are. The experience, team bonding, and confidence these athletes gain is so valuable.

Until the next time. Bring on the comps!

All photos by Team Mom, Sarah P.

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