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2016/2017 Bouldering Season Wrap-Up

The Tucson Climbing Project, Inc proudly supported another amazing bouldering season for the Rocks and Ropes Youth Team. We proudly provided 8 scholarships that helped get athletes to championships level events, three of which were for this season's National Championships in Salt Lake City. But lets not discount the real reason this season was such a success - the hard working athletes that make up this incredible team.

Here's a look at this year's bouldering accomplishments:

- 5 competitions

- 21 podium finishes

- 35 Regional competitors

- 18 divisional qualifications

- 7 national qualifications

Also, lets not forget our awesome outdoor trip to Priest Draw, AZ where we had a weekend of awesome sends.

It's this kind of energy, and seeing our young athletes accomplish their goals, that has kept me doing what I do for so long. Nothing gives me more pride than seeing our program flourish and grow every year. We still have a whole other half of the season to look forward to, I can't wait to see what comes next!

The Nationals Crew

The Nationals Crew

Ruby cruising one of her qualifiers at Nationals

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