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Bouldering Local @ AZR

It has been a solid month and a half since our last competition at the Bloc, so we were eager to see our progress. We've done nothing but train hard since then, both physically and mentally, to prepare ourselves. This competition in Scottsdale this past weekend was the last precursor to our Regional Cahmpionship, now just one month away.

I have to say that we as a team had an incredible day. A lot of things we set out to improve upon since early October have seen much progress! For example, stamina was an issue last comp. By the time competitors arrived at their sixth and final boulder, many had already hit their physical threshold and were not able to maintain good performance. We've got a month to get even stronger before Regionals! We'll be ready.

The setting crew at AZR on the Rocks did a fantastic job supplying excellent boulders, both fun and challenging. I always look forward to bringing our team up there. Thanks, Kody! Congratulations to all competitors, you've made your coach proud! Enjoy the photos below, all taken by Sarah P. Results may be found HERE

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