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Bouldering Local @ theBLOC

It's hard to believe we're already in the thick of it, it seemed like just yesterday we were in pre-season! We were so stoked to have our first competition of the year this past Saturday at our home gym. Head Setter Cory Hanson ran a seamless onsight comp that followed the same format that we'll see at our Regional Championships in December. This was the perfect training day, familiarizing everyone with the challenging format.

Each competitor had 6 boulders to climb with only 4 minutes to attempt each one, getting scored on the highest controlled hold. Everyone had a challenging day and experienced some degree of success, but the best thing was what these athletes will learn from the experience. Kids hate failure and mistakes, but I know that they always provide teachable moments. That's what makes coaching so fun! Enjoy the few snapshots below, provided by team photographer Sarah Parent! Also, click HERE for the full listing of results.

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