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Maple Canyon!

After the wildly successful trip to Maple Canyon, UT last year, we wondered how we might one up ourselves. Last year's weeklong camp of Sport Climbing in one of the best summer climbing destinations in the country, resulted in a rich confidence building experience. Such was the case again. Five full days of pulling on Maple's iconic cobble strewn crags gave our ten team members an experience they will no doubt carry with them the rest of their lives. Derek reflected at the end of the week that his favorite moment of the trip was seeing and feeling the unique rock for the first time on day 1. I too remember my first reaction to this type of climbing, there is little like it in the world.

I was blown away over and over again by the athleticism, tenacity, and optimism showcased by our crew. For example on day 1, Lucy accomplished her first 5.11 onsight, and made quick work of Lip Venom (11c), her project from last year. Thomas, despite being out of climbing for several months, displayed impressive fitness by red pointing 12a at the Pipeline wall. Reed fought for the send of 49 (12a) several times over the week, finally getting the send on his third try one afternoon. Tanner onsighting Spacelord (12c), Ruby flashing 49 and Zoaster Toaster (11c) back to back, Claire trip-flashing 49... The list goes on!

The week absolutley flew by, leaving me on Friday evening already anticipating next year. I can't think of a better time than climbing all day on fun and challenging routes, then coming home to a fantastic meal and yard game shenanigans before falling asleep and doing it all over again. That being said, a huge shout out is needed to Luke and Tiffany for keeping us all well-fed with delicious and nutritious meals! That lasagna...

Due to the large volume of pictures, check out the shutterfly link below for an awesome collection provided by Luke, Claire and Coach Jon:

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